About Us

We are a heterosexual lolita couple from Sydney. One of us is into gothic lolita, while the other is a full-blown sweet. We are equally weird. Follow us.

About Töck

Töck loves Alice and the Pirates, bats, poodles, manga, pomegranates, heavy metal and war movies (but only historically accurate ones). She also has an obsession with Hangry and Angry and firmly believes that goldfish are the most under-appreciated creatures on earth.

Her alias comes from an Amon Amarth song. \m/

She is an aspiring writer/artist/novelist; hence her inability to afford very much burando most of the time. :-p

About Phantasmafloria

Phanty for short. Phanty is a sweet lolita who loves Baby the Stars Shine Bright, star prints, pretentious art house movies and regular pedicures. He began Lolita in 2012, although he very slowly came out to the Sydney Community and it was 2014 when he started to become active. He also has an extreme phobia of owls.

If you haven't noticed by now, yes he is a guy. No, he is neither pre-OP nor post-OP transgendered.

Outside of Lolita, he is a writer, a film-nerd and an aspiring filmmaker. He graduated UTS with a Bachelor of Business (thank god) and he is looking to do something completely unrelated to business with his degree.

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