Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Welcome to Sydney Lolita Picnic

Last Saturday, Töck and Phantasmafloria attended a picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens organised by the Sydney Lolita community. Because so many new girls and guys had recently joined the Sydney Comm, this picnic was organised especially for them as an oppurtunity to get everyone introduced in person. Phanty's baby sister Tearschu (below right) came along as well, sporting her gorgeous brown AP Sweet Cream House JSK, as well as a brown Infanta blouse she borrowed from Töck, as the brown blouse she ordered especially for her coord hadn't turned up yet. :-p

Phantasmafloria finally got an opportunity to wear his new AP Dream Fantasy coord in black, and this was also the first time Töck had ever worn a brand dress. A few months ago on their first date, Phanty gave Töck a BTSSB Cameron headbow as an early birthday present (*squee!*), and so she bought an old-school BTSSB Ribbon Scallop JSK especially to go with it. ^.^

Eyebrows as large as the pacific ocean.
Phanty "as serene as Buddha"
Töck enjoys some quiet time away from the meet...
...and falls asleep with her picture taken.

Töck also had to lend Phanty a long-sleeved blouse of hers to help keep him warm, as well as one of her handbags to go with Dream Fantasy. She also had to bring along a box of homemade vegan carrot-cupcakes and one of her spare petticoats for a currently petti-less friend to wear to the picnic; so as a result, she had a LOT more stuff to lug all the way up to Sydney from her home in the Illawarra than usual. :-p

After meeting up with most of the other lolitas in Circular Quay (as well as many of the newcomers they had never met in person before! <3), they all followed Milkyfawn (the de facto leader of the Sydney Comm) to the Botanic Gardens where they quickly took over a small gazebo to set up base in. It was a moody old day filled with short, ever-changing episodes of sunlight and rain, so they thought it best to find somewhere sheltered to eat. As well as being the lolita's picnic-spot, this gazebo also seemed to be a popular picnic-spot for the Garden's noisy miners. These brave little birds seemed to have no fear of humans whatsoever, as everyone spent most of the day being stalked and swooped by them as they impatiently waited for them to leave any scraps behind. :-p  

Our refuge away from the cold.
Lolita socialites.
Amy has to butt her cheek into everything. (including this photo)
With dresses that expensive, you'd better not get them dirty!
With Audrey and Milkyfawn

The picnic was also newcomer Gabbi's very first lolita meet! She came in her gorgeous Nightmare Rising JSK by Rouge Aerie Designs, the owner of which is a prominent member of the Sydney  Comm. ^.^  

Left to right: Gabbi Bate, Tearschuu, Töck and Phanty!

Also present was the Deerstalker crew, who were onsite to film a Lolita-themed Mean Girls parody featuring several of the girls including Töck and Phanty (though the filming left Töck slightly confused, as she hasn't even seen Mean Girls yet). Deerstalker seemed particularly eager to include Phanty in their film, perhaps because they still don't have too many brolitas in the Sydney Comm (least of all sweet brolitas!) and therefore he is a unique presence at most meets. :3

Milkyfawn, their Kawaii Queen
And Technotropism, their Lord and Master (clearly Phantasmafloria is the only socialist among them) XD

So although the day was extremely cold and there were many moments when Töck seriously felt like stealing Technotropism's Russian fur-hat just to keep her brain from freezing in the wind, the Welcome to Sydney Lolita Picnic was a resounding success with plenty of good food and good company for all involved. ^.^

Car-honk total: 3 

It's a tradition in the Sydney Comm to do a 'derp shot' after taking the nice group-photo :-P
Wildean legs :-P

Special Thanks to: 

Alanah May (for organising the picnic!)

Victoria Rose Bromberger 
Cherry Belle
Nicole Hadjimichael
Kylie Joy Martin

Everyone we met at the meet!

Our co-ords


JSK: Dream Fantasy (AP)
Headbow: Dream Fantasy (AP)
Blouse: Surface Spell
Accessories: Misc. AP
OTKs: Dream Fantasy (AP)
Shoes: Bodyline (#??)

JSK: Ribbon Scallop (BTSSB)
Blouse: Refuse To Be Usual
Headbow: Cameron headbow (BTSSB)
Accessories: RivetGiRL and Combustion Glassworks
Boots: Glitzy Wonderland

Check out our glossary page for definitions.

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