Sunday, 19 July 2015

Twinning High Tea

Way back in April, the Sydney Comm announced a special Twinning High Tea that was to take place the coming July where everyloli would have to come in twinning pairs! 
This was the very first time that the Sydney Lolita Community was hosting a meet of this kind, so naturally everyone, Töck and Phanty included, were extremely excited - but what on earth were T and P going to wear? Being on opposite ends of the lolita style-spectrum, it was clear to them that a meet-up like this one was definitely going to require twice the amount of coord-planning than usual... :-p  
At first, Töck was simply planning on finding herself a coord that Phanty already owned to wear with him (perhaps Lovely Sweet Room). But as soon as she stumbled upon somebody on Yahoo Auctions selling AP's Cotton Candy Shop JSK and Salopette together as a set, she had a brainwave!

Töck: Cotton Candy Shop Special Set JSK, KC, Special Set Coat & OTKS by Angelic Pretty, Marini Wooden Sole Shoes by Alice and the Pirates, Hairclip (used as brooch) by A Pocketful of Macarons

Cotton Candy Shop Salopette, Special Set KC & OTKS by Angelic Pretty, Offbrand Cardigan, Lucent Blouse by Alice and the Pirates, Shoes by Antaina, Dreamy Baby Room Buttons by Angelic Pretty, Necklace by Cute Moon Bunny, Hairclip (used as brooch) by A Pocketful of Macarons 
For the next few months leading up the meet, Töck took it upon herself to hunt down, purchase and put together all the necessary pieces for the best two twinning coords she could create. As the Tea was to take place in the middle of winter, the coords would HAVE to be warm; but unfortunately Phanty has a lot of trouble finding lolita coats and cardigans that fit him. Töck had to get him a cheap lavender cardie off Ebay instead (which she soon kawaii'd up with some Dreamy Baby Room badges) ^.^ 
This was going to the sweetest coord that Töck had ever worn in her life. The adorable rainbows and lambs on the print had completely won her heart (as Töck herself said, "lambs are just vegan poodles!") - but it was still her favourite shade of black, of course. :-p She also wore rocking-horse shoes in a (vain) attempt to elevate herself closer to Phanty's height so they would appear more twin-like. ^.^ 
The Day of the High Tea
The Twinning High Tea was held at the gorgeous Sir Stamford Hotel in Circular Quay (which is a favourite meet-venue for the Sydney Comm) and had 30 lolitas in attendance and 12 twinning pairs in attendance. The Stamford was extremely warm and accommodating, particularly to lolitas with special dietary requirements (vegan crumpets and orange jelly for Töck and a tasty little serving of fish and chips for Phanty) ^.^ 

There were prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best twinning coords as voted by all of the guests; and most coincidentally, Phanty won a pink Cotton Candy Shop bag in the raffle!

The lovely organisers in Memorial Cake!
1st Prize-winning pair in Crystal Dream Carnival!
Day Dream Carnival (including the matching parasol!!!)
2nd Prize-winning pair in IW's Union Jack!
Victorian Letter (that's Phanty's sister Tearschu on the right!)
Magical Etoile/Cardcaptor Sakura (they made those Clow staffs themselves!)
Two pairs of Shiro-Kuro twins!
Cotton Candy Shop

A huge thank-you to Ann and Simone for organising this amazing meet, as well as to everyone else who came and helped contribute to it's success! ^.^
We hope to see you all again soon! xoxoxoxoxox

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