Wednesday, 11 November 2015

An Evolutionary History of the Kumyas!

If you love Baby, The Stars Shine Bright as much as we do, then chances are you are aware of the kumyas: Usakumya and Kuma-Kumya, who are pretty much Baby's mascots. And no wonder! As it turns out, kumyas have been a part of the brand in one form or another almost since its very beginnings, as you'll see below...

Usukumya first appeared in 2001 as a handmade plushie back in the early, early days. She originally had a longer face and ears like most traditional teddies and toy bunnies, but her basic design was undeniably meant to be that of a teddy-bear dressed as rabbit. She didn't have any ear-bows yet, and at first glance, she appears rather dog-like.

Then in 2002, the very-first Usakumya rucksacks were released!

In 2005, a new Usakumya rucksack appeared with a radically different design. This time, she had ear-bows, red eyes and the Baby logo on her foot-pad. A black version with tartan ear-bows named 'Boy Usakumya' was also released.

Usakumya made her debut on a Baby print with 2006's 'Seven Keys Print' JSK and Skirt series with a brown face and a white suit. This Usakumya also appeared on a special bento-box released round about this time.

The modern Usakumya rucksack was actually first made especially for the grand opening of Baby's Paris store in 2007 (which was why she has an Eiffel Tower embroidered on her other foot). This design had her with forwards-facing ear-bows, a neck-bow, a flatter face and further-spaced eyes than the previous rucksacks, and it was released in three colours: pink, white and black x white. What a far cry from the original!

It was then in 2008 that the Parisian-style Usakumya made an appearance on a print called 'Usakumya's Stylish Sweet Time' (notice how she still has the Eiffel Tower emblem on her foot in the print) ^.^

2009 was the year the first Usakumya Pochettes and Mini-Rucksacks appeared, and she even made a cameo appearance on 'Lovely Sweet Room' on the chaise lounge alongside a sleepy cat. The 'Friend Usakumya' series was released, which as well as the titular character, featured the debut of the three 'Sweet Mates': Sophie (a yellow teddy-bear), Judy (pink) and Lillian (blue).

2010 saw the general wide-release of the popular Parisian-store Usakumya rucksack, as well as 'Sugar Rose Cake,' 'Friend Usakumya Creamy Quartet,' the very first Usakumya mufflers and many other bits and pieces. ^.^

Usakumya Rucksacks were in their second re-release by 2011, and the 'Usakumya Sweets JSK & Petit Frill Long Sleeve Blouse & Ribbon Hair Band Set' was also put up for sale. Usakumya phone/bag straps were being sold too. The Sweet Mates also made a 3rd appearance on 'My Sweet Mate Kumya's Honey Hunt.'

'Usakumya's Stylish Sweet Time' was re-released in 2012 as part of Baby's Memorial Series! The very-first Pochette cape was also made available, as well as a pen, a hand-puppet and... sticky-tape? :-p
The Sweet Mates made their 4th print-appearance with the 'My Sweet Mates Kumya Strawberry & Lace Millefeuille' series.

All sorts of different Rucksacks, Pochettes and matching outfits to dress them in were released in 2013, including the very first one of Usakumya's new freind Kuma-Kumya, a brown bear in a bear-eared hood, who also appeared on the 'Kuma Kumya-chan's Sweet Chocolate' print. ^.^
The Sweet Mates made their 5th print-appearance on 'My Sweet Mate Kumya's Trick or Treat,' and two of their prints were even chosen for Baby iPhone-covers.

The 'Usakumya chan is Petit Pâtissier' series was released in 2014, and Baby also began to make special limited-edition Pochettes that you could only get either at certain stores or at special functions, and due to their many of them fetch a high price on resell sites! 2014 saw the release of 'Kumya chan's Christmas Holly Night,' 'Kuma Kumya's Royal Kingdom,' 'Milk Chan's Fantasy Wonderland,' the first Kuma-Kumya Pochette, and even Kuma-Kumya mufflers and shoes!!!

This year has also seen the release of many more Kumya items. Not just clothing and bags, but stationary, cushions and a range Line stickers as well! 

We're hoping that 2016 brings even more kumyas into our lives! ^.^ 'Til next time!

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