Saturday, 23 August 2014

Birthday Gifts for my Sweet Lolita Boyfriend

"Finally someone who actually knows what I like!" - Phanty

Hiya lovelies! Töck here ^.^ 
Today is Phantasmafloria's birthday, and it has been a very emotional morning for the both of us. I surprised him with his presents almost as soon as he woke up and we opened them in bed together with a few tears being shed and far more thank-you kisses than I deserved. :3 <3 

Despite being a mainly-gothic lolita who’s preferred colour-scheme is plain black and white, I still love looking at cute, pink and pastel trinkets and accessories (even though I can’t actually see myself wearing them). But with my boyfriend Phantasmafloria’s approaching birthday (he shares the same birthday as my mum!) I was finally able to actually BUY some of these colourful treasures I had long been browsing on the internet, keeping in mind that Phanty loves anything with stars and unicorns on it. <3 

The thing about me is that I LOVE giving people presents, so much so that I often can’t contain my excitement and end up buying them WAY too many months in advance (last year I bought my little sister her Christmas present in September, and I finished making a special card to send to my aunty that same Christmas in August). So therefore, I actually began ordering Phanty’s birthday presents in June (I suppose it’s a lot better than waiting until the last minute). :-p 

The contents of this Little Twin Stars bag included: 

A Candy Bunny ring made by the incredibly-talented Valeria at Sweet Dolly House
A Sugar Marshmallow bangle by the gorgeous Georgina at Dolly Darling
A Fairy Kei Pastel Bat hairclip by Nerdy Little Secrets (Phanty really loves bats!)
A Starry Princess necklace by Minty Shop
Two Star Barrettes by Paradise Rose

A Pastel Unicorn Rainbow necklace by Momomony
A Unicorn Princess charm necklace by Pookatdino Crafts

Phanty also received from me this handmade Tails plushie by Renchan! ^.^

There’s a funny story behind how I got my hands on this Tails. As a longtime admirer of Ren (who lives in Russia), I actually originally ordered this pink lolita bunny for Phanty’s birthday. However, one day I received a frantic email from Ren explaining that there had apparently been a mix-up in Russian Customs where two parcels she posted at the same time (including mine) had been opened together, but in the process, the Customs Officials had accidentally put the two plushies back in the wrong parcels, switching the two. 

Ren explained that somebody who ordered a Tails from her had just received my bunny in the mail instead, and I was going to receive that person’s Tails! But being the model Etsy-seller she is, Ren handled the situation extremely well. She fully refunded my payment immediately, and in return, I promised her that in the meantime, I would find a good home for Tails. Luckily, Phanty happens to be a MASSIVE Sonic fan, and he was absolutely overjoyed to receive him (I only hope that the bunny I originally ordered has found a loving home as well). <3

We wish you all the best, dear Usa-chan! *waves handkerchief* ;_;

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