Monday, 11 August 2014

Phanty's Adventures at SMASH!

Phanty, ready to scare the neighbourhood.

Hi there! Phanty here ^_^
Just this past weekend, Töck and I had the pleasure of attending SMASH at its new venue: The Rosehill Gardens! The new venue was spacious, which meant a lot of walking for poor ol' Phanty in his pink heels. It also meant much more space for artists, vendors and individual events. 

For Saturday, I had decided to wear my mostly pink BTSSB Pas de Deux Odile co-ord and brought along my cute companion Usa-chan for good luck!

Ommnomnom ^_^
Dreamy Crystal Pegasus necklace by Cute Can Kill! XD

We spent much of the first day shopping for prints and other goods for Töck's new home, and ended up with full bags by the end of the day! There were so many amazing artists on display at the artist stalls, most of them selling prints, jewellery and an assortment of other goods.

While we were there, we got to see a stall set up by the indie Lolita brand Magic Cat Street. The dresses were gorgeous, but since we had to save money for the upcoming tea, we decided to refrain from buying any dresses that day :(
We did however, come home with a gorgeous print from MCS :D

Phanty browsing the stalls.

We also had the chance to check out the wonderful stall by Peppermint Fox, who had amazing brooches, bookmarks, prints and the gorgeous cushions you'll see pictured below in the hauls picture ;)

While at SMASH!, we got to see many gorgeous cosplayers and fellow Lolitas. While we were too busy running around shopping and meeting people, we did get a picture with this adorable girl in a cute little maid dress and cat ears :D

Someone is doing an AMAZING job at being a parent.

During the second day, we got to catch the talented cosplayers at the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries and brought home an amazing My Melody pillow for Töck's new apartment! We were also joined by Tearschuu who had been cosplaying as Nagisa Momoe from Madoka. We had plenty of fun during the second day, which we spent going around and enjoying the artists section, the screenings and exploring the outdoor activities!

All in all, SMASH made for two fun but tiring days with each of us coming home with some amazing loot and empty wallets. We'll be sure to visit again next year! (hopefully somewhere closer to the city :O)

The tired trip home.
Top: Peppermint Fox cushions, Prints: Peppermint Fox (foreground) and Magic Cat Street (background)
My Melody Pillow!

Car Honk Total: 13

P.S: We also saw Guardians of the Galaxy the night before SMASH. Bradley Cooper as Rocket Racoon was amazing :D
Best blockbuster of the year!

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