Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Töck and Phantasmafloria's blog renovations!

If you've been on our blog lately, you may have noticed updates to our blog including a new and improved look for our header and buttons and some extra features on the side. Check them out!

Our final header/logo designed by Grimm Sugar
Our new logo was commissioned by Grimm Sugar, and we're proud to say that it looks gorgeous! Grimm (who plays Karen-chan in 'Mean Lolitas' and is the one Phanty yells "she's not even in our comm!" at) is a wonderful lolita and artist from the Sydney community.

New features including:

Our Wishlists
Please check out our Wishlists, featuring items we are currently on the prowl for. These will be updated regularly. Contact us for sales enquiries.
Find them here!

Want to Sell
Töck and Phantasmafloria will be selling items on this page. Check it out (Or take a look at Töck's Lacemarket page)!
Find it here!

Lolita Glossary
We've compiled a glossary for new and existing Lolitas to look through and learn should you require it, or if you're confused by any terms you see in our posts.
Find them here!

Lolita Spotlight
We'll the spotlighting community websites here, including other lolita blogs you should visit!

Revamped "About Us" page
Having realised that a 2-line description was inadequate, we've written actual paragraphs and included sleek, black and white deliberatly-bad photos of ourselves.
Read the page here!

Expanded links page
Need other places to visit, links to lolita resources or other places to find us? Check out our completed links page!
Get linked here!

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