Thursday, 4 September 2014

Töck's Vegan Makeup Bag

Hiya Lieblings! Töck here.
As a vegan, it can very difficult to get your hands on cosmetics that are animal product-free. Female cochineal insects are crushed to make the red dye in blushes and lipsticks, animal placentas and aortas are used in skin creams, and ingredients derived from cheap slaughterhouse byproducts like chicken-feet and processed bones are used in many other beauty products. Thus, the products people recommend in makeup tutorial videos often aren’t suitable for us to use, and neither are most of the cosmetics they sell in mainstream shops. 
But thankfully, there are many dedicated vegan cosmetics manufactuers out there who strive to create as natural and cruelty-free products as possible. For this post, I am going to list just a few of these wonderful products that I use regularly and highly recommend. ^.^
As well as animal products, most of these don’t contain many of the harmful or toxic substances and allergens that are often found in mainstream cosmetics. Because of this, these products are not only good for the animals, but for your own health and wellbeing too! <3

Sugar-based Natural Liquid Eyeliner by Suncoat Products

For goths of any description, your eyeliner is your warpaint. And for me, it is Suncoat’s Liquid Eyeliner. It has a rubber brush, so it’s incredibly easy to apply with precision and therefore I highly recommend it to anyone attempting liquid eyeliner for the first time. 

Certified Organic Natural Perfection Concealer by Inika

Although Phanty says he finds my abnormally dark eye-bags cute, I certainly don’t! That’s why I consider this concealer to be the most valuable item in my makeup bag. Applying this to my eye-bags and the inner-corners of my eyes completely transforms my face in one fell swoop and helps me to achieve a flawless, porcelain Lolita look (I recommend one or two small finger-dollops for each eye if your bags are naturally very dark like mine are).

Mineral Foundation Powder by Inika

All Natural Vegan Lip Whip by Inika

 Smear-Proof Vegan Mascara by The Great Mother

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