Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Happenings - Part I

Hiya cuties, Phanty here! Töck and I have had a big week recently, with a bunch of hauls (which we will reveal when we actually get everything), lots of fun events and much planning of a certain upcoming tea! Phanty was in attendance at the UTS CosParty hosted by JASS UTS, the UTS Drawing Circle and Anime@UTS last Friday, held in "The Underground" at UTS. I decided to go in my newly arrived Milk-Chan co-ord (which is not really cosplay, but the extent of my interest in cosplay is narrow), where i brought along a new friend, Kuma Kumya-chan!

I know. Please don't mention the eyebrows.
The event included a costume competition, karaoke, dancing and some acrobatic displays of hip-hop goodness by the UTS Hip Hop society.

Hip Hop dancing + Anime Music. Good night indeed.

Phanty decided to enter the costume competition which I unsurprisingly didn't win (and if I did, it would have been blasphemy to lolitas everywhere) but I did come home with some fun memories, and a bunch of cool pictures! :D

It's great to see Otaku Culture flourish in Sydney, as I think we can all remember how hard it was to find someone with similar interests to our own. Seeing so many enthusiastic local groups coming together to make this kind of event happen is really exciting! Keep up the good work guys :D

Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar...

Next up on our list was movie day. This didn't just mean watching movies, but making movies.
We had entered the 24/7 Youth Film Festival, a collaboration between several Sydney-North Shore councils to host a film festival in which participants had only 24 hours to complete a film with particular constrictions. Our film, "Denial" ended up in the finals despite our rather amateurish cinematography (i had only 5 minutes to learn the camera before shooting! D:) and rather rushed editing.

The real challenge here however are the rules devised by the festival, including a secret rule, 3 required items, 2 lines of extra dialogue and a secret location to be included in the film (See if you can figure out what they all are!) Not to mention, you have 24 hours to make this film after these rules are revealed which makes things all the more hard!

The star of the show, however, was Töck and her sisters' performance as the two sisters in the film. Find them below:

Despite our efforts, we did not bring home any awards (though Laura was nominated for Best Actress!) Honestly, while I wasn't surprised, I was still rather down about the finished product and the result. Töck however was able to cheer me up and encourage me. Our next project will be not be so amateurish, and we intend to succeed in our next endeavor  >:D

Settling down for a day of movies, wearing Angelic Pretty's Dream Fantasy Cutsew! (not that you can see it)

We also got to go to karaoke (which we unfortunately didn't get to take any videos of) and managed to see the vampire comedy film "What We Do in The Shadows," which we both loved and had dinner at one of our favourite vegan restaurants, Green Gourmet!

Finally, it was time for the tired trip home to Wollongong. Phanty decided that all the stress had gotten to him, and that he needed to wear Lolita to make up for it. As a result, here is a photo of Phanty in Twinkle Constellation:

Choco-mint cheeks!

Also, please don't forget that our tea will be held at the end of October (25th) and we've got lots of stuff planned, but if you would like to hold a panel or an event yourself, please contact us! Anything is welcome!

Phanty <3

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