Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Phanty: from the perspective of Töck

Phanty is pretty much every mum's dream-son with a BA and two big, kissable cheeks. To pay him back for the perspective post he did of me, here is my own little gallery of random photos...

"No amount of petticoats can keep ME out!"
Phanty at the High Tea, looking like he's about to move in for the kill... 
Phanty is by the far the best model I've ever had - he always does exactly what he's told! (He also loves being drawn as a girl)
You can't really see it, but he's actually wearing a Kuma Kumya pochette in this picture, so he's at least sort-of wearing lolita here... :-p
And here he is fast-asleep with an iPad on his head. No explanation. I literally just walked in and found him like this.

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