Sunday, 23 November 2014

Töck: from the perspective of Phanty

If you're following my Facebook page, you can probably tell that i'm rather fanatical about my Lolita companion. Töck; and embarrassingly so. We're almost at the half yearly mark with this blog, and much has happened in between. Most of what we've done is cover recent events in our lolita lives, and share photos of our co-ords, but many more natural photos get lost along the way.

Take the time to relax, and peruse through something different today.

My graduation was a life-time event for me, mainly because i don't fancy the idea of doing it again.
Interesting to note: while Töck maintains she is primarily a gothic lolita, "Sweet Poodle" is her most worn dress.

Hyde Park is a central spot for Lolitas in Sydney. This year alone, we've had the Easter meet here, Milkyfawn's birthday was here and International Lolita Day will most likely take place here. Here, we're approaching Milkyfawn's birthday picnic!

Upon seeing this bridge, Töck mentioned to me that we should consider having a meet in the Wollongong Botanical Gardens. An idea i would seriously consider, if lolitas were willing to make the trip!

It's been half a year since her first "Brand" dress, and it's interesting to see how she's progressed over time. This is the dress she was hoping would arrive in time for the "Sailor vs. Pirates" meet. She's actually waiting to be auditioned for a television series here, and her decision to wear lolita to it was a bold one!

And of course, i HAVE been wearing lolita as well, in case you were wondering.

Here, at Milkyfawn's Chocolate birthday! [Happy Birthday Milkyfawn!]

And here, at Palace Cinemas waiting to see the wonderful J.M.W Turner biopic, "Mr. Turner".

Adieu, and until next time!

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