Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Very Loli Christmas to You!

Hey there, Merry Readers! Hopefully you've all had a fruitful Christmas this year, wherever in the world you are. 

As for Tock and Phanty, we've had a smashing time both with the Lolita community and with the family :3

How do we bowl with all these petticoats?!

The Saturday before Christmas was the Sydney lolita communities' Christmas Meet at a very fancy bowling alley in Darling Harbour. Töck did very well for her very first time at bowling, including scoring a strike and beating Phanty overall [although everyone beat Phanty]!

We also had a fun little gift exchange/lucky dip, where we gave away a fabulous BTSSB handkerchief, and a BTSSB Clockwork Bunny T-shirt that was too small for Phanty. :-p 
The meet organised by Lady Laurabell and Milkyfawn also was visited by Deerstalker Pictures' own Technotropism, and plenty of other familiar faces.

Blue plastic bags: Angelic Pretty 2014 winter collection

To add to the magical atmosphere, we also got to see Australia's only giant snowglobe, complete with Christmas trees, fake snowmen and fake snow [which actually freaked out both Phanty and Töck, so we didn't go inside it]. Needless to say, it was quite a magical sight. :3

Phanty wears his new wig for the first time!

It's been a long, strange journey for Töck and Phanty, and they're happy to say that the Christmas meet was their favourite meet of the year! Just hanging out with friends, playing games and taking photos can be the most gratifying and amazing experience of the year [although they've gone through quite a lot this year]. 

"I look fatter when I stand like this, don't I Lottie?" Phanty, 2014

The meet was the first opportunity [and hopefully not the last] for Phanty to wear "Kumya-chan's Christmas Holly Night" [what a mouthful!] out in public, which got rave reviews from our peers, and was also featured in our unboxing video which you should check out if you haven't.  

When celebrating Christmas, or attending a meet or celebrating any occasion with others, remember that just speaking to someone, no matter how menial can mean a whole lot to them. Sharing the Christmas spirit is as easy as saying hi and asking them how they're doing. The Sydney community is perhaps the best at doing this. We love you guys! :3 <3

These two shots [above and below] are probably Phanty's favourite of the year.

After the meet, they also got to enjoy Christmas at Töck's house with family and friends! Phanty once again wore the Christmas print and acted as Santa for the year. The gift pile was enormous! Both Phanty and Töck were very spoilt this year. :3

Check out Töck's Christmas tree! (She and Phanty helped decorate it) ^.^ 

Phanty has never seen a gift pile this big.

And Phanty's collection of presents! (Töck was too modest to show off a photo of her gift-pile, but she did receive a black Alice and the Pirates parasol and JSK, headphones and two Hangry and Angry plushies from Phanty). ^.^   

Not pictured: the One Direction Blu-Ray from Lotties' brother Michael, which was burnt, and it's leftovers fed to poodles.

Thank you for sharing a wonderful Christmas with us, and look forward to our end of year post where we'll talk about our favourite moments, our acquisitions throughout the year and the future!

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