Monday, 29 December 2014

End of Year Wardrobe Post!

It's truly hard to believe that Phanty and I only became serious about lolita fashion just this year, with the immense collection we've already amassed so far together. For simplicity's sake, we're only going to be listing our current dresses and skirts. :3 

Töck's Wardrobe

BTSSB Ribbon Scallop JSK (Black)
"The first brand dress I ever bought" ^.^
BTSSB Sweet Poodle's Wonder Pocket Lala JSK (Black)
"I <3 Poodles"
AATP Twilight Circus OP (Black)
AATP Merry Making in the Ghost Town JSK I (Red)
"My dream dress!"
AATP Pirate Pattern JSK
"I adore the parrots and the greyscale colour-scheme on this dress"
Ragnarok~Story of the Final Stage~ JSK (Black)
"How could I call myself Töck' and NOT own this coord?" :-p
AATP Queen of Snow and the Magic of Whiteness JSK I (Black)
"I first saw this print in real-life, and fell in love with it instantly" ^.^
AATP The Dream in a Midsummer Night JSK I (Black)
"Phanty's Christmas present to me!" <3 <3 <3
AATP Vampire Requiem Corset Skirt (Red)
AATP Alice's Tear Bottle Apron Skirt (Black)

Phanty's Wardrobe

BTSSB Lovely Sweet Room Print Ribbon JSK (Black)
"My first brand dress!" <3
BTSSB Pas de Deux in the Blue Moon Odile JSK (Pink)
"I <3 the ballet"
AP Dream Fantasy Chest Ribbon JSK (Black)
"My first complete Angelic Pretty coord!"
AP Fantasy Theatre Gilet JSK (Black)
"The coord I still have not completed yet" :-p
BTSSB Milk Chan's Fantasy Wonderland JSK I (Pink)
"First complete Baby coord, bought especially for the Springthaw High Tea"
BTSSB Twinkle Dreaming Princess JSK (Navy)
"If you look carefully, you'll find Goya's Dog on this print..."
BTSSB Kumya Chan's Christmas Holly Night Ribbon JSK (Pink)
"Christmas Coord!" 
BTSSB Cinderella Jewellery JSK I (Pink) 
"My Christmas present from Lottie!!!"
BTSSB Twinkle Constellation Skirt (Navy)
"I made my first television appearance in this skirt" ^.^


  1. I found your blog!
    You guys collected this many dresses in such a short time!? Man I need to catch up! :P

  2. Yay! Yes, we've spent way too much money on Lolita lately -_-