Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Howdy readers, and a Happy New Year to you!

2014 was a fantastic year! We've met many great friends, attended wonderful meets and have expanded our wardrobes greatly since the start of the year [check out our "End of Year" wardrobe post!]

Let's look back on 2014 <3

The Easter Meet

Phanty: This is the meet where Töck and i first met, so it was very special to us. My wig was quite frazzled at the time, and the co-ord wasn't anything spectacular but the Sydney Lolita girls were more than welcoming. Enough so that i'm still active in the group :3

Töck: I actually fainted from exhaustion just like a shojo-manga character a few minutes after this picture was taken, and Phanty looked after me even though we'd barely met - again, just like in a shojo manga ^.^

Töck's Steampunk co-ord

Phanty: Tock's steampunk co-ord! I love the head accessories that go with this co-ord, and her hair matches so well with everything. It's a shame she decided to sell this, however.

Töck: Chiffon blouses in midwinter: even with a mantle, it's still not a good idea :-p

Before the "Welcome to Sydney Lolita" picnic

Phanty: This is my little sister, Amy who goes by the name "Tearschu". The pose is inspired by the music video for the AKB48 "Everyday, Kachuusha", proving that we are massive weebs. Isn't Töck a great at smiling, though? :D

Töck: Another freezing-cold day, but still a wonderful meet ^.^

Phanty at "SMASH" with unnamed off-brand bunny

Phanty: I really enjoyed SMASH! It was my first time going to a convention in Lolita, and i felt very welcome with all the other Lolitas floating about. Plenty of great stalls and events happening. We went both days, which was a little tiring and so we won't be doing that again.

Töck: I wasn't wearing lolita here, but Phanty still insisted on having me pose with the Magic Cat Street girls, which felt just like being naked... :-O

Phanty, Töck and the Grand Budapest Hotel

Phanty: These are more photos which i hold on to very dearly, before and after seeing the movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel". This is our second meeting together, and a day which i'll always remember quite clearly.

Töck: KYAAAAAA!!!! Our first date!!! The most fun I'd ever had in my life up until that point, I swear. Even if I AM wearing G.L.P... XP

Phanty and Töck gettin' some culture!

Phanty: This is from our meet at the Art Gallery, and there was something great about wearing Lolita to see art. Everything felt somewhat more grandiose.

Töck: I wanted to lick the marble...

Töck's Vampire Requiem co-ord for the Halloween meet

Phanty: We snuck into an abandoned car park and took this photo before the meet. Töck has the matching phone case, which is very cute :3

Töck: Bats are like sky-bunnies... ^.^

The Springthaw Lolita High Tea

Phanty: The first meet we organised together! We had plenty of help from Milkyfawn and a great thank you gift from the other Sydney Lolitas. This is another day which i don't think i'm going to forget for a whole. Perfect weather, great tea and some of the best dressed lolitas i've ever seen. :3

Töck: *tears up from the beautiful memory*

See you in the coming year, and if you're in the Sydney community, we look forward to seeing you at the various meets throughout the year! :D

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