Monday, 8 June 2015

Return to Blogging: Part 1

Hello Bloglites! Phanty here ^.^ I realise it's been a while since we've last had a proper post, mostly due to the mad preparations for Phanty's trip to the Cannes Film Festival and our Easter Meet, but more on those later...

Since February, we've had a Valentines Day meet, a Lolita outing to the Opera House and a Hinamatsuri meet hosted by Mai!

Valentines Day!

For this meet, Töck would fabulously don her Queen of Snow coord with her now much beloved Mr. Wolf bag which we had both searched endlessly for! Phanty wore his long-awaited Sweet Chocolate JSK with the cute, brown Kuma-kumya pochete!

The Valentine's Day meet was held during the hottest days of summer in Camperdown Memorial Rest Park. Close to Newtown, it was known to once have been the resting place for many colonial Australians in Sydney.

The grounds where we had held the meet were places where people had once been buried. Since then, the general graveyard (which was right next to us) was bordered, and a large part of the cemetery was expanded to become a park.

Needless to say, when we were told this by a random passerby, we were all a little intrigued, albeit, a little scared to know we were having a picnic right above buried people! :O
Regardless, we continued with our picnic oblivious to this fact.

This was probably the hottest recorded day of the summer (or that's how I felt anyways), as even the Tim Tams we brought melted before we could even get our hands on them. When we weren't bothered by the sun however, we had no shortage of unusual passerbys, including a man who had proudly blown his first $200 paycheck on a pair of sunglasses and proceeded to lose them within the next hour. He then proposed to both a nearby pole and tree (who responded warmly with abject silence), and told us of his life's story, clearly inebriated or high on some breed of narcotic.

A Night at the Opera

Töck and I recently scored tickets to the Sydney Opera House's latest production of Tosca.
We decided this was an occasion where we *totally* had to wear Lolita! And so we did (Lottie again in her beautiful Queen of Snow co-ord, and me, this time in Cinderella Jewellery)

How to protect Brand from laksa...


Probably most notable about this performance was the ending. Since it's not significant in any way, and you'll probably never wind up seeing this production of Tosca, I'll spoil it for you: 
Instead of committing suicide by jumping from a high place, she instead is shot by Nazis action-movie-style. Whew, Aussies.

Lolita Hinamatsuri

Finally, the last of the first quarter of 2015 meets was a celebration of the Japanese Dolls' Day ceremony, to promote the happiness and wellbeing of young girls with a selection of dolls. Instead, we brought ourselves over to Mai's place, who was a wonderful host and provided us with lots of food and a wonderful gift bag!

Here, Töck wore her wonderful Ragnorok co-ord for the first time, while Phanty decided to once again don Cinderella Jewellery (lazy, really).

Some lovely ladies!
 The wonderful selection of food available, courtesy of Mai and the other loltias!
Phanty playing Love Live SIF and Töck reading Dune :O

Admittedly, Töck was very interested in Mai's collection of books, and Phanty was struggling to deal with the heat! Overall, we really enjoyed this meet, and will hope that Mai will be inviting us over for lunch once more!

Coming up in part 2: Our own Sydney Lolita Easter Meet, a postcard from Cannes and a look at Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Paris!!!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed! Would love to have you two again for tea sometime!