Thursday, 22 October 2015

Factories and Filmings

Hello everyone! ^.^
It's been a very busy month for Töck and Phanty, what with Halloween meets to organise, new dresses to reserve and (in Phanty's case) more movies to shoot!
He recently helped with the lighting on Deerstalker's latest cosplay film, and he even makes an appearance in it as the ramen-seller!!! (That's not his real voice, btw) XD

Phanty also took the time to direct and shoot an unboxing video for their friends (coming soon to this blog!), and then he loaned his acting-skills to another upcoming Deerstalker video! (We won't reveal anything about it yet, but it is lolita-themed!)
All while this was going on, Töck had been busy reserving and getting her chocolatey-fingers on Alice and the Pirates' delicious new Halloween series, Tricky Nightmare Factory! She managed to get her hands on JSK I, the OTKS, the headbow (but only after missing out on the nightcap) and the matching charm-necklace featuring a bleeding doughnut, a severed head and a fat mummy (also bleeding). Yaaay! ^.^
Here it is on her body:

A bourgeois factory-owner...
Tricky Nightmare Factory JSK I, Tricky Nightmare Factory Double Ribbon Headbow, Sweet Nightmare Necklace, Tulle Lace OTKS, Cabriole Legs Ribbon Shoes, Vampire Bag and Rococo Umbrella by Alice and the Pirates, Fascinator by Atomic Cherry

Töck has also entered herself and this coord into Hello Batty's Spooky Outfit Contest. Please vote for her as well as any other outfit on there that you like the look of! ^.^

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