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Halloween 2015

Greetings! How was everyone's Halloween? ^.^ As you'll see below, Töck and Phanty spent their own spooky season organising a very special Halloween-themed meet for everyone in the Sydney Comm, if you'll kindly read on... ^.^

Dendy Cinema Halloween Meet

Movies are Phanty's life, so naturally, he suggested organising a private screening of a horror-movie at the Dendy Cinemas in Newtown for Halloween! Due to popular suggestion, they also decided to host a Halloween picnic after the movie at the nearby Camperdown Memorial Park (which, as we all know, is located on the site of a former graveyard. Though there are no graves there any more, there are still 300-year-old bodies buried six feet below the lawn!)
It was decided that the horror-film would be Crimson Peak, and the theme was going to be gothic, halloween, sweets and classical. This meet was also going to be Phanty's debut in his recently-acquired all-time dream-print, My Sweet Mate Kumya's Trick Or Treat!!! (Which is also Töck & Phanty's blog wallpaper) ^.^

Töck: Tricky Nightmare Factory JSK I, Tricky Nightmare Factory OTKS, Tricky Nightmare Factory Ribbons HeadbowSweet Nightmare NecklacePrince Conrad Short-Sleeved Blouse and Cabriole Legs Ribbon Shoes by Alice and the Pirates
Phanty: My Sweet Mate Kumya's Trick or Treat Judy JSK and OTKSMy Sweet Mate Kumya Little Bear Headbow and Usakumya Pochette by Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Blouse by Magic Cats Street, Shoes by Antaina, Masquerade Star Bracelet by Angelic Pretty

Photo by Littlelacedress

The lolitas were reserved their very own cosy little theatre, and each one was given a Halloween treat-bag filled with Lindt Halloween truffles and Ghost Sticks, skull lollipops, brown-sugar toffee and apple-butter candy that Töck made up! ^.^ And before the movie, everyone was also treated to a special viewing of a twin Holy Lantern unboxing video that Phanty himself directed starring Maikoneko and Littlelacedress on the big screen!!!

After the scary movie, everyone then headed down to the park to picnic on top of some REAL corpses!

Pumpkin-shaped sammiches with Littlelacedress and Windowwarmth!!! 
Je Suis Boulanger with her homemade pumpkin-bread!!! (She also made that bag herself) ^.^
HOLY LANTERN QUADRUPLETS!!! (Two identical, two fraternal) :-p
Prettycurse looking very street (I mean sweet!)

Töck & Phanty's Spooky Q&A!

Inspired by this Hello Batty video, Töck and Phanty also decided to challenge themselves with a Halloween-themed questionnaire using the same questions that she answered! Here they go...

1. What's your favourite scary movie or story?

Töck: The Fly!!! (It's also my favourite movie full-stop. Jeff Goldblum 4eva!!). I also really love this beautiful, short Belgian horror-film called Harpya.
Phanty: This is a close call between Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a visual novel called Saya no Uta, but Saya takes it for being a bone-chilling existential Lovecraftian horror which is just as if not more scary than a crazy lunatic chasing teenagers with a chainsaw.

2. Favourite horror or Halloween-themed song?

Töck: Anything by Cradle Of Filth!   
Phanty: Kyary's 'Crazy Party Night'!

3. What are some things you're most afraid of?

Töck: Balloons and socialising :-p
Phanty: Owls, death, and being suspended in extradimensional space for periods of longer than 10 minutes (places such as isolated cosmic tesseracts, Wollongong Centrelink and my Granny's house).

4. Does anything creep you out but in a good way?
Töck: This.
Phanty: David Lynch movies!

5. Name something you wouldn't want to run into down a dark alley or in an abandoned building

Töck: A child playing with a balloon.
Phanty: Uncle Kim holding a bowl of his 'special' mixed Cambodian hotpot! 

6. Favourite Horror Monster or Villian?

Töck: Hannibal Lecter (the Anthony Hopkins version!) 
Phanty: Nosferatu.

7. Do you believe in ghosts? 

Töck: I used to swear that I once saw the ghost of my poodle's stillborn puppy very near to the place where he was born, but these days I'm more skeptical. So unless I can find some definite scientific evidence that it really WAS the ghost of my poodle's puppy, I would have to say no. :-p 
Phanty: No. I'm going to be a cockroach in the next life! :-p

8. The creepiest thing that's ever happened while you were alone? 


9. What's the best Halloween costume you've ever seen or worn? 

Töck: This.
Phanty: This.

10. Best Halloween Experience?

Both: Hosting the Sydney Lolita Halloween Cinema Meet together! ^.^

11. Ever been to a haunted house? 

Töck: Um... would the one at the Townsville Show when I was little count? :-p I remember it had this amazing painting on the outside of a man who appeared to be in the process of being transformed into a demonic half-man, half-pig with red eyes and sharp teeth while shackled to a chair in a clinical setting and howling in agony. I think it was what started my love of body-horror. ^.^
Phanty: Yes, once at the Sydney Easter Show. It wasn't scary, though I spent the whole time inside it scaring my sister. :-p

12. What about a cornfield maze? 

Töck: Nah. Nothing grows where I come from except sunflowers and sorghum, and where I live now it's just cattle. 
Phanty: No, but becoming lost in one sounds like fun. ^.^ 

13. If you were dared to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?

Töck: Probably. Knowing my luck, even if it WAS haunted, nothing would happen while I was there anyway. :-p 
Phanty: Yes. Nothing would happen anyway.

14. Have any specific Halloween traditions?

Töck: Waiting in vain for trick-or-treaters to come to the door!!! (I live in a flat where none of my neighbours have kids) :-(
Phanty: Staying at home and eating chips! XD

15. Are you superstitious? 

Töck: No, but I do have the weird habit of seeing 'omens' everywhere I look, like if I find a piece of butterfly pasta in a packet of spaghetti or see two poodles on the street, I'll immediately say, "it's a sign! Something good's going to happen today!" Just as a joke. I am, however, very fond of the old English superstition 'If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive' and I do follow it, but only because I like spiders and don't like killing things for no reason (LET THEM LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE!!! THEY EAT ALL THE COCKROACHES!!!!) I think if I lived in a different time, or in a third-world country without access to modern scientific information, I would be a very superstitious person. 
Phanty: I firmly believe that owls steal people's souls. =_=

We hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!
'Til Next time! ^.^

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