Sunday, 29 November 2015

A Mad Tea Party

This November 26 was going to be the 150th Anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and to celebrate, Töck and Phantasmafloria decided that they were going to host a massive Mad Tea Party for all of the Sydney Lolitas on the Sunday immediately after. This was going to be the biggest Meet they would organise together all year!

The Preparations
The venue of the Tea Party was to be The Westin, whose bar offers special Alice-themed high teas with pocket-watch macarons and mini top-hat shaped mudcakes. ^.^ 
Now there are few things that Töck loves more than making up giftbags for meets! ^.^ And for this Tea, each of of the guests would be taking home a free giftbag containing a print-card of Gloria Copetillo's original 'Alice Falling Down' illustration and a little Lolita-doll fridge magnet!

Each of these doll-magnets were totally one-of-a-kind and handmade by the amazingly talented Saroch at SweetieTiny! Saroch and her partner specialise in making adorable to little clay miniatures for dollhouses, jewellery and arts and crafts; and after seeing pictures of some of the little clay dolls that they also make, Töck commissioned a whole batch of them to be made. ^.^ (Töck's mum fell in love with these the second she saw them, and so Töck had to promise to give her any that were leftover!)
An Alice-themed raffle was also organised for this meet, with an 'Alice's Doll House' JSK and Headbow set in Ivory and an 'Alice's Ribbon Kingdom' Skirt in Pink by BTSSB both up for grabs!!! XD

Maiko was also generous enough to donate this beautiful prize-pack to the raffle too! It contained handmade wrist-cuffs, a mini-pouch and a hairbrush all decorated with teddy-bears, lace, pearls and rhinestones! XD

The Day of the Tea

For this Meet, Töck wore her black Alice's Automaton Clock Orchestra coord by AATP, while Phanty wore Stardust Fantasia. Guests were encouraged to come in coords that adhered to the Alice theme, but anything at all featuring an apron, rabbits, clocks, hearts, cats, tea, chess, cards, biscuits, royalty, pastries, books and roses would be more than perfect (hence Phanty's dress-choice!)
Much to everyone's curiosity, Phanty also bought along a strange, whirring contraption that he kept pointing at everyone like a gun. It was his 1978 Super8 analogue video-camera which he'd been waiting to use for a special occasion! 

The walls looked quite similar to Alice's striped stockings... ^.^
(That's actually KittyTime's wig from behind, not Phanty! XD) Check out her vlog of the Mad Tea Part here!
Food cute enough to wear!!!
Many, many food-pics were taken that day... ^.^
It was actually this amazing girl's very first Sydney Lolita Meet!!! How is this for a debut coord??? <3
Littlelacedress winning the Ribbon Kingdom Skirt in the raffle!

Thank You So Much to Everyone who came to our Mad Tea Party!!!
We hope to see you all again soon ^.^

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