Thursday, 26 November 2015

An Evolutionary History of Lyrical Bunny & Friends!

Hello Again Everyone! ^.^
A little while ago we did an Evolutionary History of Baby's mascots the Kumyas, and here we've decided to do another one for Angelic Pretty's beloved mascot Lyrical Bunny!!!

Unlike the Kumyas, Lyrical Bunny's design has remained very much the same since her beginnings, with only slight changes in design. Here she is on 2007's 'Toy Parade' print, which was her debut. She appears as a yellow toy bunny holding a lollipop alongside Shyness Bear (who also appears on the lace).

The following year, AP reused this toy bunny's design on the 2008 'Nakayoshi Bunny' series, and they even made a plush Lyrical Bunny Rucksack (this was the first time she was referred to as Lyrical Bunny). It came in three colours: Pink, White and Black.

2009 saw the release of the very-first Lyrical Bunny 2-Way Shoulder Bag as well as the first line of Lyrical Bunny Jewellery. A plush Shyness Bear Rucksack also appeared. Up until now, AP had been utilising both Lyrical Bunny and another rabbit-character called Bunny-chan both at the same time for different releases. A second toys-themed print ('Dreamy Dollhouse') featured a completely different plush rabbit to Lyrical Bunny, but it did mark the debut of Little Mouse Jerry who, along with Shyness Bear, would soon become closely associated with Lyrical Bunny.

Even more Lyrical Bunny (with a slightly larger head) and Shyness Bear jewellery and accessories appeared in 2010 along with several Lyrical Bunny-themed winter lucky-packs. As well as a Shyness Bear Shoulder Bag, a special new backpack of Lyrical Bunny holding an ice-cream cone was also made to coincide with the first release of 'Milky Planet' (she even makes a cameo appearance on this print in one of the ferris wheel gondolas!)

'Toy Fantasy' and the 'Lyrical Party Going-out Set' were released in 2011 with some amazing  parasols. A special charity T-shirt featuring Shyness Bear was sold with a portion of the proceeds donated to the Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts.

2012 saw an absolute explosion of releases featuring Lyrical Bunny & Friends including 'Fancy Box,' 'Toy Drops,' 'Dreamy Horoscope,' 'Toy March,' the 'Dream Fantasy' lucky-packs and the second re-release of 'Toy Parade'!

In 2013, AP collaborated with Sanrio to create the amazing 'Wish Me Mell' series, featuring both Lyrical Bunny and Sanrio's new bunny-character Wish Me Mell. 'Fancy Paper Dolls' and 'Dreamy Baby Room' were also released in this year; as well as the 'Candy Sprinkle' lucky-packs, which featured cameo appearances of Lyrical Bunny and Shyness Bear in chibi-form. Little Mouse Jerry also got his own cutsew in this year!

'Fantasy Theater' and the 'Cotton Candy Shop' lucky-packs were both released in 2014, as well as a special Toy Drops Salopette Set. AP even collaborated with GIGAMOUS to create a special brooch featuring Little Mouse Jerry.

The only Lyrical Bunny print released in 2015 was Fantastic Carnival, where she, Shyness Bear and Little Mouse Jerry appeared nestled amongst the print in chibi-form. ^.^

And then in 2016, in accordance with tradition, Angelic Pretty's annual New Year Special Set 'Whip Factory' was released, featuring Lyrical Bunny and Friends as pastry-chefs!  

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