Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Strigiphobia & Stardust Fantasia: Phanty Overcomes His Fear of Owls!

When Phanty first spotted Baby's new Halloween print 'Stardust Fantasia ~Horoscope of Twins Star Kittens~' way back in August, it immediately became a must-get for him! This starry, catty print ticked all of the right boxes, and he loved how it resembled Twinkle Constellation, which is another dream-print of his. ^.^
However, it wasn't until later, when Töck and Phanty took a closer look, that they noticed something terrible lurking on this beautiful print: an owl! D-:

This little guy right here! ^.^

Poor Phanty suffers from strigiphobia, an intense fear of owls. Even toy owls are enough to freak him out. He thinks his fear originated from the nightmares about owls that he used to have as a child, and it could also have something to do with the traditional Cambodian belief that owls are an omen of death.
At first, Andy tried to deny that the creature perched on top of the candy cart even was an owl, trying to convince Töck (and himself) that it was actually a cat! But eventually, Phanty was forced to accept that this beautiful new print did indeed contain his least-favourite bird, but amazingly, he decided that he was going to get it anyway! Go Phanty!!! :-D
However, soon after reserving the Stardust Fantasia JSK II and Star Hairclip (when he missed out on the headbow) in navy and OTKS and Star Kitten Horoscope Ring in lavender, Phanty was informed by Baby that he was not going to receive this HALLOWEEN print until DECEMBER!! (could that evil little owl possibly be the one behind this bad luck? Grrr...)
Not a good move, Baby. =_=

Thankfully, the set actually ended up arriving just last week; but the biggest question was would Phantasmafloria be able to actually WEAR it?

But his love of lolita proved far stronger than his fear of owls! ^.^

Phanty is planning to wear this coord to a Mad Tea Party that's being held this weekend. We can't wait! ^.^ 
Until then, bye for now! <3

Mr. (N)Yan, puzzled as to why no-one wants any of his free candy...

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