Friday, 25 December 2015

A Holy, Loli Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope you all had an amazing Christmas this year! ^.^

For the second year in a row, T&P spent their Christmas together at Töck's parent's peaceful little house in the country. Out here, December means the annual Invasion Of The Christmas Beetles as well as cuter little house-guests like this one: 

A Peron's tree-frog wanting to be a part of the family! Or maybe she just wanted to get a closer look at that Angelic Pretty cutsew... ^.^

Along with Phanty, Töck's parents had five other relatives over for Christmas including her maternal grandparents and older brother CookSuck, so the presents beneath the tree were really piled high this year! 

Granddad Darrell always gets each and everyone an envelope containing a lottery ticket for Christmas! Though Töck and her dad were the only two winners this year (Töck won $5 and Dad won $8) XD

It's a tradition in Töck's family to gather all of the family and guests around the tree on Christmas morning and open one gift at a time so everyone can see what they got and the recipient can have time to thank people for it. From Töck, Phanty got these three amazing T-shirts from Sugar Bunny Shop and Tasty Peach Studios!!! He also got a Star Wars shirt from Töck's SW-obsessed little sister Pickle to thank him for accompanying her and Töck to the recent Midnight Screening of The Force Awakens despite having never seen a Star Wars film before. ^.^

Bento Bunnies Shirt by Sugar Bunny Shop, Udon Kitten Unisex Tee & NOPE Grumpy Sheep Unisex Tee by Tasty Peach Studios

But by far, the best gift that Phanty probably got from Töck was this 'Love Ring Gift Box' set in pink!!!

Love Ring Gift Box Amy JSK, Mini Hat & OTKS by BTSSB

As for Töck herself, Phanty got her this Emily Temple Cute cutsew and Bodyline Cutie Poodle JSK from a swap-meet that was organised by the Sydney Comm earlier this month! (Lulu was the name of Töck's family's beloved late toy poodle, which made this cutsew extra special!) ^.^ And if these two gifts weren't poodley enough, Pickle also got her a pair poodle ankle-socks and matching poodle-plushies for her and Phanty!!!

Christmas dinner was held later that evening, and Töck firmly believes that it was the greatest Christmas dinner she'd ever had (thanks largely to the incredible Suzy Spoons Vegan Festive Roast that they managed to get their hands on after missing out the previous year and the fruit-mince pies Andy bought from his family's bakery!)
After which they were served dessert (including a vegan fruitcake and custard for Töck!) and entertained by Pickle's new remote-controlled BB8 droid as it rolled around the table-top. ^.^

The Vegan Festive Roast wedged in between a genuine ham and Phanty's (ever the chicken-and-chip connoisuer!) special meal

Those of you who have been following us for a while may be wondering why Töck and Phanty didn't go quite as crazy with their gifts to each-other as they usually do. This is because they have actually been saving up all their money for something VERY special that's coming up early next year... But that's another blogpost for another day! 
Until then, please have a Happy New Year and stay tuned for further updates!

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