Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sydney Hello Kitty Diner Meet!

There are many adorable Hello Kitty-themed eateries located around the world, and many more currently being planned for the future. There's Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine, Hello Kitty le Petit Café and Hello Kitty Secret Garden in Hong Kong, Bonbon's Hello Kitty Café and the Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant in China, Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining and Hello Kitty Sweets in Taipei, the Hello Kitty Café in Seoul, and of course countless Sanrio-themed restaurants in Japan. ^.^
In 2014, a Hello Kitty Café opened in Adelaide, to the absolute delight of the lolitas of South Australia. ^.^ It was the very first Kitty-themed restaurant in all Australia, and the rest of us here on the East Coast were incredibly jealous! 

However, another new Hello Kitty eatery was announced for Sydney the very next year, and as you can imagine, the excitement was unfathomable! The U.S. doesn't even have ONE permanent Hello Kitty eatery yet, and now we were going to have TWO!!! XD
It was revealed that Sydney's HK restaurant branch was going to be called the Hello Kitty Diner, and that it was going to have a special old-school American diner theme. And as soon as they announced an opening-date, Töck and Phanty immediately organised a new meet for the Sydney Comm!!!

Queuing up outside... (that's Littlelacedress in Dollycat!)
The 'Gee Gee' Burger, with Korean BBQ chicken
Although themed restaurants have a reputation for prioritising their appearance of their food over the taste, the food they served at the Hello Kitty Diner was surprisingly delicious! ^.^
Directly outside the building was a sunny little rose-garden that was perfect for pics! ^.^ Could Chatswood possibly be some sort of loli paradise???

This little goggy would only allow Töck to pat him! XD
Glamour-shot of Windowwarmth... ^.^
And after photos, they all headed over to Passion Tree for a cold drink and a sweet fix!

Serra from A Pocketful of Macarons is by far the biggest Hello Kitty addict in the entire Comm!
It was the ultra-cute Prettycurse's birthday on the 5th! (she shares a birthday with Töck's little brother, lol) ^.^
As she needed to be at a Con that day, she decided to hold the celebrations the day after, which also happened to be the day of the Hello Kitty Diner Meet, which she felt was just perfect! She even invited Töck and Phanty to her party later that evening, and as this was going to be the first birthday-party that Töck has been invited to since eleven (a result of spending her entire teen years living in the middle of nowhere, lol), she went a little overboard with her gift...

Yes, she went and got Prettycurse a complete AP Marionette Clock set in sax-blue. Understandably, PC was ecstatic!

Thank you all so much for joining us for such a lovely day of good food and good company! 'Til next time!

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  1. What an awesome gift. That's definitely a few years of presents worth!
    Great pictures of the cafe. I have a friend in the Adelaide comm and she's always posting pics up of the Hello Kitty cafe there! So jealous.
    Hope to read another post soon.