Thursday, 10 December 2015

Töck's Top 10 Poodle Products!

Hey everypuppy! Töck here ^.^
I may be a thing of darkness, but I also have an unhealthy obsession with poodles as I come from a strong poodle-loving family. As such, lolita-prints with poodles on them still have a special place in my heart even though I don't wear them very often.
Although many poodle-themed lolita designs are undoubtedly inspired by the classic poodle-skirts of the 1950s, I personally prefer poodle-prints that don't look TOO vintage, as I feel that this affects the kawaii-ness of the design. I feel there is a big difference between a vintage poodle-design and a kawaii one: a vintage poodle design will seem more like a basic, flat sillouette, while a good Japanese designer will try to experiment a bit more with the design and add extra motifs to increase the cuteness and generally create an animal that seems much more alive and loveable. ^.^
Here are my Top 10 all-time favourite poodley lolita items... 

10. Metamorphose's 'Trump Poodle Embroidery Short Sleeve OP' (2008)
I really like the position these poodles are in with their backs turned haughtily to us like a pair of Siamese cats. ^.^ I also love how they are clearly indicated to be a couple with the boy's bandana and the girl's tail-bow. The Alice-y card suites are a nice touch too! ^.^  

9. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's 'Lonely Poodle Bag' (2005)
This clasp-purse is absolutely stunning! I wish Baby would make more Lonely Poodle stuff! ^.^ 

8. Metamorphose's 'Room Print' (2008)
This Meta print of a lolita's dream-bedroom features a ribboned black poodle lying on a little rug and in two picture-frames. ^.^

7. Innocent World's 'Candy Poodle' (2012)
This is one of those prints that actually makes me legit-hungry for sweets. As well as the candy, the poodle-puppies are very realistically drawn as well with plenty of poof and puppy-fat ^.^ 

6. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's 'Lovely Sweet Room' (2009)
Another dream-bedroom series! This print features a a cute little black and white poodle-couple who appear twice. In one, the boy has a biscuit in his mouth which he seems to be offering to his mate. ^.^ 

5. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's 'Petit Poodle Bag' (2005)
This is probably the best and most adorable poodle-bag ever made. I love the perfectly round head. ^.^

4. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's 'Poodle Parade' (2003)
I adore lolita prints that actually have lolitas on them, and prints featuring lolitas and poodles are even better!

3. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's 'Circus Tutu' (2009)
One of the few sweet dresses I now own, mainly because this amazingly gorgeous circus-print also features a conga-line of three circus-poodles! XD

2. BTSSB's 'Sweet Poodle's Wonder Pocket' (2012)
As in Baby's earlier 'Lovely Sweet Room' print, these poodles also love biscuits! <3 

1. Angelic Pretty's 'Candy-chan on a Walk' (2007)
Like any artwork, the prints I love the most are animated ones that seem to tell a story or convey a specific scene. In this print, a lolita-ouji couple and their beloved baby-poodle walk down the street while the girl pushes the pram and the boy holds her AP bags for her. ^.^ 

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