Friday, 22 January 2016

Adventures in Japan Part 2: Happy Harajuku Winter Wedding!

Megu, PhD is a crafty, doll-loving shell-mummy who has dedicated her life to hair-colouring and the study of Japanese Kawaii Culture. She has been a longtime member of the Sydney Comm as well as close aquaintence of many prominent Japanese lolitas and kawaii artists. She is looked up to as the undisputed expert of all things kawaii and lolita, and she has been featured as such in several Deerstalker videos as well as SBS's The Feed.

Last-year, Megu got engaged to a John Oliver doppëlganger, and then in December, after hearing that Töck and Phanty were coincidentally going to be in Japan at the same time as the wedding due to a rescheduling, she went ahead and cordially invited them both to her dream Harajuku wedding at 6%DOKIDOKI's Kawaii Monster Café!!! She even went as far as to hand-make them a gorgeous wedding invite with a pop-up paper carousel! ^.^

Together at last. <3

The ceremony was to take place on a cold Friday-night in the VIP Room of the Kawaii Monster, which was a gorgeous, plush pink room with a ginormous cat laying across the back of the lounge whom Megu claimed she was also marrying that day ^.^
Töck unfortunately woke up with the flu earlier that morning, but she certainly wasn't going to let a little thing like that keep her from coming! Instead she just soldiered on with Phanty through their usual loli-ing up process and out into the freezing cold streets of Shibuya. The theme of their wedding-coords was love, and so Töck wore her red rose-covered Rose Jail JSK and Phanty wore the Love Ring Gift Box set that Töck got him for christmas along with the cape and beret he got at Laforet to keep him warm. ^.^ This was their very first time wearing lolita in Japan!

PHANTY: Love Ring Gift Box Amy JSK & OTKS by BTSSB, Fairy Bear Cape by AP, Colette Fur Beret by BTSSB,  Shoes by Antaina, Head accessory & Bangle by Chocomint
TÖCK: Rose Jail Print JSK & Pattern Half Bonnet, School Cardigan & Clara Boots by AATP, Midnight Military Cupcake Pony Necklace by A Pocketful Of Macarons, Offbrand Tights
On the train to Harajuku... <3

The concept of the cafe is that you're being swallowed and entering the strange but beautiful world of the Kawaii Monster's stomach, and the entrance is meant to be his mouth. ^.^

The bouncy-ball-filled glass-top table, plus poor sick old Töck's closest friends for the night. -_-
Admiring the bride's nails! <3
Meeting the adorable Miss Ai Akizuki!!!

Megu handmade her own dress and wore it with bunny-eared shoes and a gorgeous Sailor Moon pocket-watch. The ceremonial rings (family heirlooms from her grandmother ^.^) were presented inside a vintage Polly Pocket box! XD The real wedding-bands they'll be wearing from now on have been ordered from Q-Pot ;-)

Throughout the night, the wedding-guests were treated to several colourful performances staged atop and around the Sugar Carousel by the cafe's characters including the Pink Fat Cat; who accidentally fell off the carousel at one point and had to be helped up by a kindhearted Phanty!

The ever-amazing Yuka performed a very risqué yet stunning dance-routine with the Pink Fat Cat for everyone at the KMC that night, and we later found out that it was actually this dance's debut performance!

But 6%DOKIDOKI had one last surprise for the party: a stripey, hearty, berry-coated wedding-cake!!! The lucky couple got to ceremoniously cut the cake and eat the first slice together, and then Megu's favourite Kawaii Monster character Nasty served everyone else a slice as well!

Megu-chan's wedding was quite possibly the best wedding that both Töck AND Phanty had ever been to in their lives. It was small, cosy, unique, and above all fantastically fun! And wearing lolita inside the Kawaii Monster Cafe is a truly amazing and belonging experience, too. ^.^

Congratulations to Megu and her new husbando! We hope to see you and everyone else we met tonight again very soon! ^.^

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