Monday, 25 January 2016

Adventures in Japan Part 3: Meetup at the Kira Imai Exhibition!

Greetings everyone! 
If you've been following our blog, you may have noticed that it's been a while since I've done a post myself. You may also know that Töck and I have been moving about non-stop in Japan! All this travelling and cold however have taken a toll on her, and she's been unable to leave the hotel room lately, so I've been taking extra good care of her, but I've also had a bit of free time to explore Tokyo on my own (as well as spend some time with other lolitas in Tokyo!)
I've had a chance to explore the big city at a much different pace, taking in different sights and sounds from other parts of the city. I started by exploring the suburb of Ginza!
I began with an interesting little gallery featuring the history of Japanese film. They displayed many old Japanese classics and explained how film arrived in the 1900s with  the Lumiere brothers who were invited to help develop film as an educational tool.

The original script of the legendary film Tokyo Story, which to this day is still one of the most influential films of all time!

Next was the Sony Building and the Kabukicho Theatre, but since photography was not allowed inside, I have no pictures from there. I will later update this blog with a graphical interpretation of my time there soon however!
At night, I visited the Park Hyatt hotel, which is a very common place for film fans to visit, being the place where Bill Murray met Scarlet Johannson in Lost in Translation.
Quite a fancy setting, but I can't help thinking that the 2400 yen cover charge and the 2000 yen price tag for all drinks was a little hefty, especially since @home maid cafe was about a quarter of the price for better service! Still, I got to enjoy a nice view, some sauve live music and a feel for what it must've been like to be part of Sofia Coppola's world if only for a brief second.
The next day was the day I got the chance to meet with Deerstalker, the excellent MAYA and some international lolitas based in Tokyo (Including Sapphira Doll and Abiba Champignon)!

Our destination was Nakano Broadway, a hotspot for Otaku goods where the Kira Imai Exhibition and Signing was being held. This would turn out to be a very cold day, and of course, I would underestimate just how cold Nakano was and go with just a cardigan on top of my regular Lolita wear.
Unfortunately I was unable to get a ticket for a signing, but I did get to see Kira herself!!!

I left with a print of one of her latest artworks and a matching phone-case! And afterwards, the international lolitas, Deerstalker, Maya and I went out to eat pancakes and return to Nakano for more shopping!
As of writing this post, Töck has recovered and will be back in action, so look forward to our next post featuring mischievous snow monkeys and even more adventures both inside and outside Tokyo!

- Phanty

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