Monday, 23 May 2016

Secret Garden Picnic

Hiya! A lot has happened to Töck and Phanty these past few days! First of all, Phanty attended an anime music festival in Sydney, and despite being a bit late, he was forcefully dragged up onto the stage to take part in the outfit contest. And incredibly, he and his Trick or Treat coord actually won!!! The prize was a $150 Gallery Serpentine voucher, which he used to buy some (early) Anna House birthday presents for Töck ^.^ 

My Sweet Mate Kumya's Trick or Treat Judy JSK & OTKS, My Sweet Mate Kumya Little Bear Headbow, Stardust Fantasia ~Horoscope of Twins Star Kittens~ Star Hairclip and Ribbon Heart Bag by BTSSB, Blouse by Magic Cats Street, Shoes by Antaina, Rhapsody Collection Brown Wig by Gothic Lolita Wigs
Two days later was a Sydney Lolita picnic at Wendy's Secret Garden that Phanty had organised all by himself; and for his coord he borrowed Töck's Circus Print JSK and bonnet. ^.^ The garden is a cool, shady little patch of rainforest between Luna Park and Milson's Point with a little grassy stretch of ground on the shoreline with a direct view of the Harbour Bridge (this was where they set up permanent camp as unfortunately, little wasps and mosquitos seemed to have adopted the rainforest as their ideal home!)

Circus Print Ribbon JSK & Bonnet, Ribbon Heart Bag and Sweets Choco Necklace by BTSSB, Baby Doll Chiffon Blouse and Diamonds OTKS by AATP, Shoes by Antaina, Rhapsody Collection Brown Wig by Gothic Lolita Wigs
The rainforest (pic by Spandexual)
The shore (epic selfie-stick pic by Spandexual)
TÖCK: Rose Jail Print JSK & Pattern Half Bonnet and Clara Short Boots by AATP, Midnight Military Cupcake Pony Necklace by A Pocketful of Macarons, Blouse by Anna House, Offbrand tights

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  1. A rainforest picnic? That's not a scenery I would picture Lolitas against, but it looks incredible. And that selfie rocks! Everyone looks so summery and lovely, especially you two. :D