Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Töck's Mother's Day Gift

My mum has five kids including me. All of us are old enough to drive and only one of them still lives as home permanently, so naturally, poor Mum is beginning the empty-nest stage of her life. :-( As a result, one of her more recent hobbies is to get photos of her children professionally printed, framed and displayed all throughout the house so she can still be surrounded by them all. ^.^ So I thought: why not get her another framed lolita pic of herself in a special one-of-a-kind decoden frame as a Mother's Day gift? 

This frame was handmade by my ultra-talented friend Valeria from Sweet Dolly House, and was shipped all the way from Russia! <3 Mum is also an amazing baker, so I felt that one of Valeria's frames (which are always coated in cookies!) would be the most appropriate. ^.^ A delicious, chocolatey smell filled the air as soon as I opened the parcel, and that was when I first learnt that the frame was chocolate-scented as well!   

I wrapped it up in some beautiful pink wrapping-paper with major mitchell cockies on it that I got at souvenir shop in Berrima, NSW ^.^ 

Töck had to give it to her a little earlier than the first Sunday of May, as she would not be able to go visit her that weekend. And as was hoped, it (and gift-wrap) was very well-received, and Dad even wanted to check to see if the sweets were real or not! ^.^ 
Here's to all loli-mums who support their daughter's (and son's!) kawaii habits! XOXOXOXO

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  1. Hang on! The frame... was chocolate scented?! Oh sweet Lord... *-*

    I think that's an incredibly thoughtful and adorable Mother's Day present. It also makes sure that you stand out amongst your simblings, mwahaha. :P