Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Töck's Poetry Corner

 ‘Hazel Eyes’

There was a grey sky laden with rain
A window overlooked a pond
I saw you through the dripping pane
Seated with a glass of a Loch Lomond
Your hazel eyes flecked with pain
Their gaze framed by locks of blond

Not enough keys for so many locks
So off I went to the flowery knoll
To visit Miss Hedgehog and Mr. Fox
For a cup of tea and Dover sole
And a magical cake in a button box
With a roll for blind old Mr. Mole

Back in my cottage by the fireside
With a sleeping hound at my feet
And a letter from Uncle Colonel Hyde
He’s at the war, I’m here in the heat
But then there was a knock from outside
It was your envoy, asking if we could meet

‘Twas I the hazel lord wanted to greet
I couldn’t believe it, I nearly cried
Never thought to me you’d be so sweet
‘But I must get ready!’ my hound implied
So in lavender water I bathed my feet
And tried not to dress too like a bride

You are a true gentlemen, ruddy and fair
We sit in shyness beneath the oak
We’re a silver nutmeg and a golden pear
Ploughman in his field, pony in her yoke
But what’s that bustle in the hedgerow there?
It's Mr. Badger, with a pipe to smoke

But before I can even kiss your face
I wake up from the strangest dream
Of old tea parties, bonnets and lace
English meadows, thatch and streams
But now it's all gone, without a trace 
But beside me, your hazel eye still gleams

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