Sunday, 31 January 2016

Adventures in Japan Part 4: Beyond Tokyo

As soon as Töck had recovered from before-mentioned illness, she and Phanty took the bullet train north to Nagano; a beautiful mountain-town famous for its temple, apples, soba and snow-monkeys!!!

A wild Japanese serow spotted on the mountainside!! ^.^
Monkey family snuggling ^.^
...Plus the reject-child, whom they ignored the whole time XD
The next day they visited the city of Tama, which is popularly advertised as Hello Kitty's hometown due to it being the location of the Sanrio Puroland theme park!!! The city-maps around the station are HK-themed, and the street leading up to Puroland is called Hello Kitty Street! XD

Kuromi-chan, Töck's all-time favourite Sanrio character ^.^
Rough-talking Osaka was home to largest and most well-stocked lolita shops Töck and Phanty had visited in Japan so far, and they simply couldn't resist buying a few more things from the Osaka Baby store... ^.^

Closet Child!!!
A strange but very kawaii HIV awareness poster spotted in the Osaka subway. Hi-V the HIV Whale-shark says to use condoms and bleach your needles!(?)
In beautiful Kyoto, they saw many public ikebana displays and women wearing the kimono as everyday-wear. They also paid a visit to the fabulous Manga Museum!!! 

The Kyoto Subway mascots!!!
NOTE: You're actually not allowed to take photos inside the Manga Museum, but Töck didn't realise this at first and so here are two that she snapped before getting yelled at. XD
Kimono fabric shop ^.^

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