Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Adventures in Japan Part 5: Harajuku Fashion Walk & Departure

It was day of the Harajuku Fashion Walk. It was also going to be Töck and Phanty's final day in Japan, and what better way to end it all than by joining their fellow Connoisseurs of Kawaii in this legendary March of Appreciation?! ^.^
Compared with most Walks in the past, this one was relatively small - largely due to it being the Examination Period. :-p This meant that the majority of attendees were foreign expats, students and tourists rather than Japanese. These Harajuku fashionistas came from as far away as the US, UK and Italy!!!

T & P distracted by something skyward... D:

Töck wore a very poodley coord consisting of BTSSB's 'Circus Print' JSK, and Phanty wore a Creamy Scallop OP set he bought earlier at Laforet during the Grand Bazar. ^.^ 

'Circus Print' Ribbon JSK & Bonnet by BTSSB,  Offbrand Cardigan
Creamy Scallop OP, Creamy Headbow, Baby Diamonds OTKSKuma Kumya Pochette by BTSSB, Fairy Bear Cape and Shyness Bear Ring by AP, Shoes by Antaina, Offbrand Barrette
I have to admit that when I first arrived in Japan, I was pretty nervous. I felt so much like just another awkward tourist! But after wearing lolita in Harajuku for the very first time, I felt so much more comfortable. ^.^ THERE WERE SO MANY SPOILT LITTLE POODLES IN JAPAN!!! Also, Shiba inus are just poodles that are closer to wolves, and I think I need one. ^.^ Megu's wedding was officially the best wedding I've ever been to in my entire life, and one thing I'm going to miss every day in Australia from now on are convenient-store red-bean onigiri, vegan chicken karage and beany mochi (yes, pretty much all I did in Japan was eat) I LOVE RED-BEEEEAAAANS!!! It's now a goal of mine to one day live permanently in Mitaka with a poodle and a shiba and a koi-pond and a tanuki statue. ^.^ 
I have many thoughts about my recent trip, but here are my main takeaways from Japan:
- They've mastered the art of vegan soy meat
- Tokyo is the cleanest city I've ever seen despite the fact that bins are hard to find
- Chunithm is one of the greatest video games I've ever played
- Harujuku, like many other suburbs are changing thanks to the influx of tourists perhaps for the worse
- Bring a LOT more than 20,000 yen to Laforet Grand Bazar
- One coat is never enough in winter
- I saw one of the original copies of the screenplay for Tokyo Story in the National Film Museum AND I MUST STEAL IT
- Sanrio Puroland is heaven on earth
- Akihabara is a never-ending town of discovery
- Everyone must see the Kyoto Bamboo Forest in the rain at least once
- Shinjuku is too busy
- Shibuya is really hip
- Forget getting AKB48 concert tickets in Japan
- Kabuki-cho is no longer as scary as people have made it out to be. Still seedy tho
- Lost in Translation fans won't be disappointed with the Park Hyatt Hotel, just expect to pay a lot of money for drinks
- The countless shrines in Japan will never cease to amaze
- The Japanese go to Shinto shrines when good things happen, and Buddhist temples when bad things happen
- Never underestimate how young you need to be to play visual novels and Monster Hunter on the train
- I need a Family Mart here pls
- Definitely bring people you love along to Japan! Was great to have Elliot, Goldie and Maya around at the same time to hang out with. Most of all, thank you to my travel partner Töck for taking me along on this incredible journey!
Gotta go back one day!

Thank you for having us, Nippon! We will miss you very much, and we will certainly be back soon! XOXOXOXOXOX

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