Sunday, 7 February 2016

Japan Haul!

Even though we were on a fairly small budget, we went quite a bit mental with lolita-shopping while in Japan! (Of course we justified it by telling ourselves we were actually saving money by avoiding shipping-costs! XD) Here is a complete overhaul of our respective purchases. ^.^

I was in desperate need of some new lolita blouses, so I made sure to get one (AATP's Baby Doll Chiffon Blouse) at the Laforet Grand Bazar Sale and another one (Starry Sky Horoscope Blouse) at a Tokyo Baby store. Incredibly, at the Osaka Baby store, I found my dream-blouse (A/P Shirring Pullover) in black on the sale-rack there after vanishing from the online shop a while ago! At Laforet I was also lucky enough to get my hands on the first Metamorphose dress I ever truly fell in love with ('Witch in the Forest' Corset Dress), as well as the matching ribbon barrette and gloves in black. ^.^ I absolutely ADORE this dress. I love all of the spooky little details hidden in the print, especially the good ol’ Aussie black swan! FUN FACT: After Australia was first colonised by Europeans in 1788, many black swans were bought back to Europe as curiosities. However, despite their popularity, black swans never became established anywhere in Europe. This was likely because of the still-prevalent superstition amongst commoners about black animals being witch’s familiars (black cats being the most famous example), and black swans introduced to Europe likely fell victim to this superstition and were wiped out before they could become established. I find this tiny little Australian involvement in the history of olden-day witch-hysteria absolutely fascinating!

Most of these purchases were made at the Grand Bazaar in Laforet, where I couldn't quite resist the urge to buy a new coord and accessories! All items besides the cute bear-eared cape were from the Harujuku BTSSB store, mostly at half price. The Fairy Bear Cape was from Angelic Pretty, also in Laforet! Most of these items are homogeneous pieces that can be swapped into mostly any of my pink-dominant sweet coords. I'm looking forward to wearing my new Creamy Scallop OP to a meet in the near future!

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