Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sydney Lolita Welcome Meet

Due to recent influx of new members in the Sydney Comm, Töck and Phanty decided that it would be great to host a special picnic to welcome all of the newcomers and give everyone a chance to formally introduce themselves and get to know each-other. ^.^ The very first post Töck and Phanty ever made together on this blog was about the last Welcome Meet the Sydney Comm held two years ago. Back then T & P were amongst the dewy-eyed newcomers to the Comm, but this time they were the experienced organisers! (It truly is incredible just how far we've come) ^.^

PHANTY: Kuma Kumya-chan's Sweet Chocolate Babydoll JSK & Headbow, Shirring Blouse (Short Sleeves), Baby Diamonds OTKS, Kuma Kumya Pochette and Sweets Choco Necklace by BTSSB, Shoes by Antaina, Teapot Barrette by Chocomint, Bow Hairclip by 6%DOKIDOKI

Armed with a tupperware container of vegan chocolate spiders that Töck's mum had made, T & P set off to Sydney early that beautifully sunny-yet-cool Saturday morning to set up base at the pavilion gazebo in the botanical gardens, which is the Comm's favourite picnic-spot. ^.^ Töck was wearing her brand-new 'Galactic Journey to the Stars' coord which she had been after for ages, and Phanty wore his favourite 'Sweet Chocolate' one along with his loyal Kuma-Kumya Pochette. As well as feasting, the lolitas also got to listen to several members stand up and give informative talks on various lolita-related topics. ^.^

TÖCK: Galactic Journey to the Stars JSK II & Ribbon Headbow, Starry Sky Horoscope Blouse, Clara Boots and Alice's Tear Bottle Necklace by AATP
These dappled photos of us (as well as most of the other photos shown here) were taken by Maiko at
KittyTime giving a very inspiring talk on remaining a lolita after growing older and/or becoming a parent ^.^

Thank you so much to everyone for coming out for this meet! We had a tonne of fun and we hope you all did too! - Töck & Phanty

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