Thursday, 24 March 2016

Helping Our Kawaii Native Animals this Easter

Cats may be cute, but in Australia cats actually pose the biggest threat to the survival of our native wildlife, including some utterly adorable ones like the bilby, which is critically endangered due to cat predation. The Save the Bilby Fund works tirelessly to save these little animals from extinction, but like most non-profit organisations, what they can do is severely limited by the availability of funds. 

Bilbies are also known as 'pinkies' because of their pink ears and noses ^.^

The Fund earns the vast majority of its donations throught the sale of official chocolate bilbies once a year at Easter, so this Easter we are calling upon all of you to PLEASE buy official easter bilbies instead of bunnies, and to look for ones that display the green Save the Bilby Fund logo so you know that part of purchase is being donated to the real bilbies. Look for Pink Lady-brand Easter Bilbies (which are available at Australia Post, Big W, Myer and David Jones!) and Australian Bush Friend packs rather than the Cadbury ones, which don't support the fund. 

Also, if you own a cat, PLEASE get them spayed or neutered, and please also consider getting them a CatBib. These specially-designed bibs hinder your cat's ability to pounce, and thus prevents them from killing birds and other native wildlife without hindering day-to-day activities like walking and eating, and they do not pose a strangulation risk like collars do. Plus, they make your cat look like it's wearing a cravat! ^.^ 

As lolitas, Phanty and I see it as out duty to celebrate, support and protect anything cute, and bilbies should be no exception! That is why we decided to post this little public-service announcement here on our blog. Thank you for reading this, and we wish you all a Happy Easter!

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