Monday, 4 April 2016

Megu's Wedding Part 2: The Sydney Summer Sequel!

Töck and Phanty were honoured to attend their good friend Megu and her fiancé's Harajuku wedding in Japan this year, but believe it or not, that was only the first half of their nuptial celebrations!!! The official marriage ceremony was to take place later back home in Sydney, and once again, T & P were both invited to join in!
The reception was to be held at the beautiful, ye olde Alfie & Hetty resteraunt in Glebe, and despite having to travel all the way from Wollongong to get there, Töck and Phanty were the very first guests to arrive! The theme of the wedding was an eclectic mix of kawaii, marine and burlesque, and the bride arrived dressed as a dominatrix mermaid with several merbridesmaids in tow. ^.^

Draw me like one of your Japanese anime girls...
Photography by Wattle & Lace

The public servant who was to preside over the wedding was a lovely, eccentric old marriage-rights activist who began by making it very clear to the congregation that she did NOT agree with the Australian marriage laws she was meant to be upholding that night in regard to same-sex marriage, to the applause everyone present. ^.^

The incredible Miss Bunni Lambada provided the entertainment, performing a traditional-style burlesque routine and then a less-traditional My Little Pony-inspired one! 

Töck cops an elbow-glove to the face! XD
Before the wedding, all of the guests got a chance to be professionally photographed at a nearby park by Charmaine at Charmaine Morgan Photography!

TÖCK: Witch in the Forest Corset Dress, Barrette & Gloves by Metamorphose, Shirring Pullover & Clara Boots by AATP, Offbrand tights.
PHANTY: Cinderella Jewellery JSK I & Headbow, Baby Diamonds OTKS and Blouse (name unknown) by BTSSB, Offbrand Necklace
Around this time Phanty had kindly left to go help put the wedding-decorations up in the room, and that's why he wasn't in the group-shot. <3

Congratulations to Megu and her new Hubby! We wish you both a long and happy life together. Stay kawaii! 
- Töck & Phanty

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