Monday, 11 April 2016

Cockatoo Island Art & Chocolate Meet

Hello everyone! A few days ago we organised an epic-scale meet to this year's Sydney Biennale festivities on Cockatoo Island where Phanty impressed everyone with his knowledge of art-house cinema and Töck got to wear her new hat!
Cockatoo Island
This tiny, moon-jelly-surrounded island in Sydney Harbour has a long and varied history. It has been an Aboriginal fishing base, a prison, a shipyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a campground and more recently, an open-air art-gallery and the site of many public festivals and events. One of these events is the Sydney Biennale, an annual island-wide contemporary art festival. 

Lookin' swag on the ferry...
A great shot of Phanty in the corner with his beloved Coke!
Spandexual was determined to become a piece of artwork herself! She came to the island with her horse-mask and a pink raincoat-JSK and tried her best to blend in ^.^
Töck finally got the matching Nightcap for her Tricky Nightmare Factory coord (which is fabulous at keeping the sun out of your eyes, btw) ^.^
Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café
At the end of the day, everyone took the ferry back to Darling Harbour to unwind with a big round of delicious chocolate milkshakes at Guylian, as well as some cake, tea and chocolate-dipped fruit. ^.^

Thank you to everyone who came along on this adventure! We and others have plenty more meets planned for this year, so stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. It looks like you all had a fantastic meet. While I'm not usually into modern art, some of the pieces on your photos look stunning. And chocolate - that makes any day and any meet that extra bit special. :D

    I have to say, I always marvel at the Aussie Lolitas's skills in dealing with heat. Although with it being autumn, nearing on winter for you guys, even someone totally unable to handle heat, like me, would probably find this just right, especially if there was any breeze coming from the sea.