Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How Töck Met Phanty (Explained With Hiroko Yokoyama Stickers!)

Töck first met Phanty after he joined the Sydney Lolita Comm's FB page. After friending each-other, they discovered that they had a mutual love of Lars Von Trier's film Dancer in the Dark, and that was how they started talking online. Their very first conversation ended up stretching long into the night. They learned that they had a lot more in common than lolita and film-tastes, and they soon became best-friends. ^.^
Phanty's very first lolita-meet was coming up, and he was extremely nervous and worried about whether he should go or not. Whenever he voiced these fears to Töck, she just kept cheering him on and offering him loads of encouragement, as well as promising to look after him while he was there! At the meet, Phanty finally got to meet Töck in person. As he was still very nervous, Töck told him 'I'll protect you!' ^.^ However, as it turned out, it was Phanty who was to become to the protector that day...
In her rush to get to the meet on time, Töck had very little to eat that day (fool!) The meet in question was an Easter picnic and scavenger-hunt which involved a lot of running around the city, and due to her lack of energy, Töck began to grow weak and nauseous. However, she was determined to keep up with her team, complete all of the activities and win the prizes! 
But this dogged determination only led to Töck falling ill and collapsing on the street in the middle of the hunt. Phanty, who was on her team, stayed by her side, looked after her and helped her get back to the picnic to rest and eat. Töck would be eternally grateful for this act of kindness on Phanty's part. 
The next time Töck and Phanty met up was for a day-out in Sydney with just the two of them. Together they did karaoke (which Töck had never done before!) and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. As it was nearly Töck's birthday, he surprised her at the end of the day with an early present: a brand-new Baby headbow! :-O As well as Töck's first-ever brand-piece, it was her first gift from Phanty, and she still has it. ^.^
It wasn't long after this sort-of date that Töck began to fall for Phanty, and when Phanty finally confessed how HE felt to her online, she was able to return his feelings. ^.^
Soon after they officially became a couple, Phanty came all the way out to Töck's house for her actual birthday to watch Lars von Trier movies, and he even brought a special birthday-cake that his mother baked for her. ^.^

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  1. Ahh that is so cute. Glad that you were able to share this lovely story <3 you guys are the sweetest!